Episode 14 “Party Town”

Episode 14 Party Town

Behind a 10 foot tall wall, where the police do not go. A group of friends use their lottery winnings to complete step B of their plan, Party Town is born. At 6 Fuck Street, you will find a green book on the third shelf, “Into The Raptor’s Den”. Tilting the book, the bookcase squeaks open and reveals a labyrinth of tunnels, no one really knows where each one leads. You hear movement coming from the house, having no other choice you head into the darkness of the tunnels. You slowly traverse the dimly lit tunnel. A rhythmic noise breaks the silence, you make your way toward it. The noise continues to grow in volume, and a pungent smell fills the air. The outline of a door appears, behind it you can hear the source of the music. Three voices can be heard, interrupted periodically with chaotic laughter. You grip the door knob, and as you open the door a cloud of smoke bombards your senses. A few seconds pass, and the first thing you see is a donkey sitting in a recliner under a large sign. Reading the sign your first thought is, “Gary is a strange name for a donkey”. The silence is finally broken by Gary. “Finally, I’m starving and those guys are busy at the moment.” Out of the corner of your eye, you see a table with three guys, each with a microphone in front of them. “Have you ever heard of these guys? Not very funny, but one of the midgets got hurt, and they were bored.” Looking around you notice EM3 plastered everywhere. Turning to Gary, “What does EM3 mean?” Gray motions behind you to a vending machine, “Grab a bag of butterfingers, and I will tell you.” Reaching into your pockets you ask Gary, “How much are they?” Gray smiles, “Tree Fiddy.” You look back up and realize Gary is an giant spaghetti monster. Floating in the air, you realize both of you are in a chapel. Looking behind Gary there is a large sign, “Just Kidding” sighed EM3.

Music: M83 – Midnight City